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Vanesa Diaz

Senior Market Development Manager | Corning Optical Communications |

Vanesa Diaz is Senior Market Development Manager for Corning Optical Communications responsible for developing technical and commercial competitive response in the EMEA region. After 10 years of experience with Corning in optical fibre, cable and connectivity, Diaz has specialized in both mobile and fixed carrier operators, becoming a reference in the industry on network convergence and 5G applied to optical access network.
Diaz is a recognized speaker at international conferences and workshops and has authored numerous papers and articles in the Telecommunication industry. She is also member and contributor of the FTTH Council EMEA and MENA organizations.
Prior to join Corning, Diaz worked as a Research and Development Engineer for RYMSA, an antenna and RF device manufacturer, and as a Network Supervisor for Vodafone Spain.
She graduated with honors from the University of Cantabria, Spain with a Engineering Degree in Telecommunications. Diaz also holds a Master of Business and Marketing from Griffith University, Australia.


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